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religious studies

In Religious Studies we learn about people.  By studying religion we explore important religious, philosophical, ethical, and social issues that affect us all.  The subject encourages reflection and debate in order to create a safe environment where students can learn and ask questions about different ways of life.  Above all, by learning how to respectfully explore contentious and challenging issues we develop a better understanding of each other.  By learning about and from each other we become better, more tolerant and understanding members of a diverse, free and democratic society.

Key Stage 3

Key stage 3 acts as a bridge between the R.E. that students studied in primary school and the GCSE in Religious Studies.  Students develop the necessary skills and knowledge needed later on in key stage 4 by learning about the beliefs and practices of the 6 major world religions.  Students also explore philosophical and ethical issues that exist in society, and ways that we can learn from religious and spiritual figures.  Students are challenged to demonstrate their learning through questions inspired by the demands from key stage 4.  Additionally students are also encouraged to use iPads to enhance their learning, and many tasks that students will complete may involve a range of apps which enhances their learning. 

Key Stage 4

Key stage 4 begins in year 9 in the Religious Studies department as students are given the opportunity to study the GCSE.  This allows for a three year key stage which challenges our students since they have started a GCSE a year earlier than in other departments.  The use of iPads as a primary source of learning is a common feature in the department.  Students are challenged to explore various religious and academic sources to help them to acquire knowledge, rather than rely on the confines of a single textbook.  This approach to their studies helps students to learn rigorous research skills which, in turn, helps them to develop skill in assessing the validity and reliability of information available online.  The department teaches the AQA specification A (8062) whereby students study two religions in depth by examining their core beliefs, practices and ways of life.  The course also requires students to apply their knowledge and understanding of two religions to philosophical, moral, spiritual, and social contexts.  Students will study the nature of relationships and families in contemporary society, the place of religion in society and life, the existence and revelation of God, and the nature of crime and punishment.

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