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information for businesses and employers

Information and guidance for businesses and employers: Working with Tomlinscote 
Why help?

Our young people are entering into an increasingly competitive and quickly evolving jobs market at a time of great financial and political uncertainty. We aim to help every student to reach their full potential and progress on to a successful destination by providing them with the widest possible range of employer and careers related opportunities throughout their time with us in Years 7-11. Our comprehensive careers programme aims to ensure that all students have access to as many possible engagements with businesses and employees through a range of activities. 

If your business or company is willing to help support this, please see the possible ways in which you might get involved below. If you are able to offer any assistance in these areas then please get in contact with the Careers Lead (Ms H Livesey, Assistant Principal – Transition and Progression) at: 

We value the help and support of businesses to ensure that every child leaves us aspiring towards and equipped for a happy and successful future.

Ways that businesses and employers can help Tomlinscote students:
•    Whole year group assemblies about their company/their industry sector/general employability skills
•    Smaller group workshops or focus groups related to a particular sector/industry/employability skills 
•    STEM workshops/practical activities/challenges
•    Interview preparation
•    Work experience – all of our Year 10s go out on ‘work experience’ week in June and we are always keen to extend our links with local companies who are willing to host our students 
•    Sponsorship – we run charity-based events throughout the year - we would love to have sponsorship from local companies or businesses

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