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iPad FAQ's


What happens if an iPad is accidentally damaged or broken?

If an iPad is accidentally damaged or broken, it needs to be reported to IT Support within one week to enable us to get it sent to the insurance company within their window.

Where can I get an insurance form from?

Insurance forms can be collected from IT Support or downloaded from the Tomlinscote website under iPads > Warranty and Insurance. 

How quickly should the insurance form be returned?

The insurance form needs to be submitted to IT Support within 2 weeks of the damage occurring.  After 2 weeks, the insurance company will not accept the claim.

How long does it take for the iPad to be repaired?

We normally advise students that the iPad will be returned to them in approximately 2-3 weeks.  This can differ slightly depending on the nature of the damage. 

How will my child be able to complete their school work whilst their iPad is being repaired?

A spare iPad will be loaned to every student whose iPad has to be sent off to be repaired.  They will be able to log into the device to retrieve their backed up data and can use the iPad as they would their own.  This iPad will need to be returned to the IT Studio once we have received the repaired iPad back. 

What if the damage occurred was caused by another person?

If the damage was caused accidently by someone else, please supply the details of who on the insurance form. 

What happens if an iPad goes missing due to being misplaced?

Loss of an iPad needs to be reported to IT Support immediately.  There may be a chance to track the device within the school depending whether it has connected to the Wi-fi recently.  

If the iPad has been lost outside of school or cannot be found after a period of time within the school, a decision regarding the iPad and its replacement will be made by the IT Manager.

What happens if an iPad is stolen?

If an iPad has been stolen, please contact IT Support immediately. 

What happens if the iPad was not in the provided case?

If the iPad was not in the provided case, the insurance company will not accept the claim. 

Is there anything I need to do to the iPad before it is sent away to the insurance company?

If possible (depending on the damage) the iPad should be backed up on iCloud to make sure the student does not lose any work. 

Is the lightning cable and charging plug covered under the insurance?

The cable and charging plug are covered under Apple's One-Year Limited Warranty, but are not covered by the insurance policy.  If either of these become damaged, or develop faults not covered by the warranty, then replacements are available for purchase on ParentPay. 



Why do I need an Apple ID?

An Apple ID is an account which is used to access Apple services like the App Store, Apple Music, iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime and more. 

Why do I need to use a School Managed Apple ID?

Managed Apple IDs are special school-created and school-owned accounts which provide access to Apple services.  Manage Apple IDs are designed to meet the privacy and security needs of schools, including limitations on purchasing and communications, and role-based administration. 

How do I create a School Manage Apple ID for my iPad?

Tomlinscote will provide every student with a School Managed Apple ID. 

What will I use my School Managed Apple ID for?

A School Managed Apple ID allows you to back-up all your data and work to the iCloud.  It also gives you 200GB of iCloud storage as opposed to 5GB with a personal Apple ID. 

Will I need my own personal Apple ID?

You do not need a personal Apple ID unless you want to download apps from the App Store or use communications such as iMessage and FaceTime.  This Apple ID should be entered in Settings > iTunes & App Store.  You may also need to enter it for iMessage and FaceTIme. 

Will the School Managed Apple ID allow Apps to be downloaded/bought from the App Store?

Unfortunately the School Managed Apple ID does not allow you to download anything from the App Store.  However, all apps which are needed for school work can be downloaded from our School Apps app and only requires the School Managed Apple ID. 

Can iMessage and FaceTime be used with the School Managed Apple IDs?

Like the App Store, iMessage and FaceTime will not work with a School Managed Apple ID.  If you would like to use these communication services, you will need to create and log in to iMessage/FaceTime with a personal Apple ID. 

What happens if I forget my School Managed Apple ID password?

If you forget your School Managed Apple ID, please email: or come and see IT Support, where we can reset your password which will allow you to create a new one. 

How do I create a personal Apple ID?

Please visit: to help you create a personal Apple ID without a payment method or see the attachment on our website.

What is Family Sharing?

Family sharing is a way to organise and create Apple IDs in order for a family to manage app purchasing as well as share items like photos, location or calendar events.

A parent or guardian uses their own personal Apple ID to set up Family Sharing and then becomes the Organiser.  As the Organiser, they can then invite family members using their Apple IDs.  This means that children's Apple IDs do not need payment information. 

How do I set up Family Sharing?

Please visit: to help you set up Family Sharing. 


additional information

What happens if I leave the school mid-year?

Once the school has been informed that you are leaving, you will receive an email containing the status of your iPad account.

If you have bought the iPad outright (made a one off payment) or brought in your own iPad for use in school, we will delete the iPad from our Management Software to allow you to set the iPad and set it up as a new iPad for your personal use.

If you have leased the iPad (pay monthly) we will email you detailing how much it would cost to keep the iPad.  Alternatively you can hand the iPad back to IT Support and make no more future payments.

What happens at the end of the iPad Scheme?

At the end of the scheme you will receive an email containing the status of your iPad account.

If you have bought the iPad outright (made a one off payment) or brought in your own iPad for use within school, we will delete the iPad from our Management Software to allow you to reset the iPad and set up as a new iPad for your personal use.

If you have leased the iPad (pay monthly) we will email you detailing if there are any payments outstanding on your account.  These will need to be made within 1 month of leaving.

You will also be given the chance to make an optional final payment (detailed in your scheme) to take ownership of the iPad.

Am I allowed to download Social Media apps onto my iPad?

Social Media is allowed to be downloaded onto your iPad once you have reached the minimum age of 13.  This means no students in Year 7 should have any social media on their iPads at all and will be removed if found.

To give you some guidance, the following social media apps have the following age restrictions:

Instagram 13+
Snapchat 13+
Facebook 13+
Kik 13+
Twitter 13+
Tumblr 13+
Viber 13+
WhatsApp 16+

Please visit: for more information.

ALL social media apps are for home use only and not permitted to be used during school time. 

Am I allowed to download Games onto my iPad?

Age appropriate Games are allowed to be downloaded to your iPad across all year groups.

They must only be used at home and are not permitted to be used during school time. 

Am I allowed to take my iPad abroad on holiday?

Yes you are allowed to take your iPad on holiday with you.

If damaged, a school insurance claim form will need to be completed in the required time limit.

It is recommended that you take out additional insurance for loss and theft as these will not be covered by our insurance outside the school. 

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