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Wellbeing & Mental Health

Tomlinscote believe that the wellbeing and mental health of those in our community is vital in allowing individuals to thrive. 

Some of the ways we promote student wellbeing and mental health are through:

  • Pastoral provision by form group teachers
  • The Student Support team 
  • Mindfulness during Year 7 enrichment lessons
  • PSE lessons
  • Extra-curricular activities such as sports and creative arts clubs
  • Access to counselling and other external services 
  • Our Five Core Values, which are at the heart of all the school does. These values are promoted through enrichment lessons and assemblies, as well as house activities. The 5 values are:
    • Excellence - To aspire to excellence in everything.  Students strive to go above and beyond what they think they are capable of.
    • Community - To be proud to belong to a school where everyone is valued and has a positive influence on the wider community.
    • Perseverance - To have a growth mindset where students see things through even when it may be difficult.  Students are determined and confident to take risks in order to challenge themselves.
    • Character - To develop a “strong sense of self” where students are confident of whom they are.  Students show kindness, integrity and respect to other individuals.
    • Progression - To ensure that students have the skills and knowledge to progress successfully for further education, employment and the wider society.

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