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Warranty and Insurance

Any iPad purchased from new, whether from Tomlinscote or not, comes with Apple's One-Year Limited Warranty - if the device degrades or fails without any accidents or external damage, Apple will replace it. This does not cover things such screen breakages.

For full details on what is and isn't covered, the official Apple document can be found here

If there has been accidental damage to the iPad, please complete an online Insurance form, with as much detail as you can regarding how the damage occurred.  One of the IT Support Team will then be able to contact you with details as to the next steps. 

Online Insurance Form 


iPad Insurance at Tomlinscote

Any iPad purchased through Tomlinscote, either Bought Outright or Leased, comes with iCare Total Cover - which covers Accidental Damage and Theft. This is an equipment repair and replacement service, provided to Tomlinscote by Albion, our iPad supplier.

This will cover the iPad for the duration of the relevant scheme; either 2 or 3 years. Tomlinscote also provide our own extended warranty, to cover the iPad after Apple's one year warranty, until the end of the relevant scheme.

When leasing an iPad, the case, charging cable, and charging plug are all part of that lease. At the end of the scheme, if the iPad is returned and not bought, the case, charging cable, and charging plug, must also be returned - and so should be in usable condition. Any of these items that are not in suitable condition, must be replaced prior to returning to the lease company - all are available for purchase on ParentPay.



There are certain stipulations and requirements that parents and students should be aware of:

  • The iPad must remain in the supplied case at all times; this is a requirement of the insurance policy. If the case itself becomes damaged, it must be replaced - as this will void the insurance if it is no longer suitable. Replacement cases are available for purchase on ParentPay.
  • Insurance claims must be submitted within 2 weeks of the damage occurring; should an accident occur, students must inform IT Support as soon as possible, and they will then advise and guide the students through the claims process.
  • Insurance claims need to have as much detail as possible; including date and time of the incident, location, cause of damage. Claim forms can be collected from IT Support, or completed online from the school website using the link on this page.
  • Insurance does not cover loss, vandalism, or deliberate damage.
  • The iPad will be factory reset when sent for repair - students should ensure they have backed up all school work. 
  • Students will be issued with a temporary loan iPad whilst theirs is away for repair; these must be treated with the same level of care and any damage occurred will result in a £50 charge.


Please note that there has been a change regarding insurance; due to major changes by the insurance companies, and the increase in premiums, there will now be a £100 excess charge for each claim made.

Full terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of this page. (Please note: The Terms and Conditions include a section for "Extended Warranty", however this is not included in the iCare option that Tomlinscote uses.


Cables and Charging Plugs

Every iPad purchased through Tomlinscote will come supplied with one cable and charging plug. These should remain at home; cables and charging plugs should not be brought into school. As explained in the handout, and as stated in the iPad Ground Rules (which can be found here) students are expected to arrive at school with their iPad fully charged, ready for the day ahead. 

The cable and charging plug are covered under Apple's One-Year Limited Warranty, but are not covered by the insurance policy.  If either of these become damaged, or develop faults not covered by the warranty, then replacements are available for purchase on ParentPay. 

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