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Teaching Staff

Creative Arts

Miss R Barnes Head of Faculty
Mrs R Frater Head of Drama
Mrs N Hayden Head of Art
Mr L Frater Head of Music
Ms O Streeter Head of Photography
Mrs A Robinson Photography
Mrs J Aves Art
Miss R Bennett Drama
Mr M Morren Music
Ms H Rushby Drama


Peripatetic Music Teachers

Mr J Argyle Guitar
Ms H Downes Piano
Ms K Edwards Vocal
Ms S Hadingham Clarinet
Mrs L Hobday Piano
Ms B Hull Violin
Mr R Landon Brass
Mrs R Riordan Clarinet & Saxophone
Mrs B Sykes Flute
Mr P Sykes Brass



Mrs A Ali Head of Faculty
Mrs K Metzner KS3 Lead
Miss E Whitehead KS4 Lead
Miss K Dunn  
Mrs P Evans  
Mr L Foley  
Mrs L Ingleby  
Mrs B Jennings  
Mrs G Long  
Ms M Maloney  
Mrs N Matous  
Mrs C Roberts  
Mrs S Willis  


Humanities & Business

Ms G Roy Head of Faculty
Mr P Henry Head of Religious Studies
Mrs A Jarman Head of History
Miss S Woodward Head of Geography
Ms K Allan Religious Studies & Sociology
Ms H Ellis History
Mr E Field Geography
Miss H Harris Geography
Miss C Jennings Business Studies
Miss V Kennedy History
Ms H Livesey History
Mr R Major Geography
Mrs M Sandhu Religious Studies
Miss O Tolley History
Mrs J Tonkin Geography


Learning Support Department

Mrs G Gill Head of Department
Mrs E Flint Teacher
Mrs C Hobbs Teacher
Mrs J Preston Teacher
Mrs P Harris HLTA
Mrs B Johnson HLTA
Mrs N Wall HLTA
Miss A Aktar LSA
Mrs C Bowman LSA
Mrs S Collins LSA
Ms P Khattab LSA
Ms D Leslie LSA
Miss E Matthews LSA
Mrs E Myall LSA
Mr C Spain LSA
Ms D Tassie LSA
Miss C Turner LSA
Ms A Jones Speech & Language Therapist



Mr S Hopcraft Head of Faculty
Mrs N Pankhurst KS3 Lead
Miss R Lama KS4 Lead
Mrs R Dowling  
Mrs S Jones  
Mrs A Speakman  
Mr M Szabadvari  
Mr C Taylor  
Miss J Rodrigues  
Mrs H Zhu  


Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs R Savochkin Head of Faculty & German
Miss B Merle Head of French
Mrs A Metcalfe Head of Spanish
Mr A Daniel French
Mrs S Davies German
Mrs A Chandra French
Mrs G Fernandes German
Mrs K Hopcraft Japanese
Ms F Pei Chinese
Mrs L Sparkes German
Miss M Uria Spanish


Physical Education

Mr O Cochrane Head of Department
Miss R Barnes  
Miss B Lloyd  
Miss S Lomas  
Mrs S Mensah  
Mr C Taylor  
Miss G Thomas  
Mr S Young  
Mr B Stopher Cross Country



Dr C Wiskin Head of Faculty
Dr N Comfort Head of Chemistry
Dr N Hammond Head of Physics
Mrs A Sangar Head of Biology
Mr E Molnar KS3 Lead
Mr I Arrojeria  
Mr T Johnson  
Mr M Oppong-Mensah  
Mrs S Patalagua-Rosso  
Mrs S Siddiqi  


Technology & Computing

Mr I Brotherton Head of Faculty
Ms K Ashman Head of Food Technology
Mr P Fletcher Computing
Mrs G Lines Technology
Mrs S Parker Child Care
Mrs J Prothero Food Technology
Mr P Rudkin Construction
Miss D Scattergood Technology
Mrs N Sharp Computing
Mrs L Stirling Food Technology



Mr V Harry
Mr T Weeks
Mr C Shields
Mr A Yiannakou
Mr L Roberts
Mr P Harkness
Mr M Anderson
Mr D Framp
Mr A New
Ms E Gill
Mr S Tester

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