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Who Can I talk to?

It is important to talk to someone if you have any questions about mental health and wellbeing. 
You may want to talk to:
-    A parent/carer or adult you trust
-    Your tutor, Head of Year or student support
-    Another member of staff you trust
-    A service for young people, such as:

  • Kooth - Free, safe and anonymous online support for young people aged 11-24.
  • CYP Haven - A space space for young people aged 10-18 in need of urgent emotional well-being support.
  • Childline - Speak to a Childline counsellor over the phone or through an online chat.
  • Shout - Free, anonymous text-line available 24/7. 
  • The Mix - Support for under 25s. Speak to a trained team member, engage with discussion boards or join live group chats (supervised by moderators).

Self-Care Strategies

Self-care strategies are activities you choose to do to look after your mental, emotional or physical wellbeing. These activities should be positive and make you feel good, rather than making you more stressed or zapping your energy. 
With over 90 self-care ideas to choose from, why not try some of these? 

Dealing With Exam Stress 

Self-care - A blog post sharing tips for making time for self-care whilst studying for exams.
Exam stress - Advice on dealing with revision, exam stress and results day.
Exam Stress & Pressure - Advice and support for beating stress around exams and coping with the pressure you may feel.
Preparing for exams - Tips from the NHS about revising for exams and how to handle exam days.

Social Media

Being yourself online - A video helping you decide when social media makes life more fun, and when it is just causing you more stress.
Online stress - A video helping you decide how to react when something online makes you compare your life to others'.
Rise Above - A website for young people, talking about topics that impact you.
Social Media Survival Guide - Celebrities give you their advice on surviving social media.
Cyberbullying - Information from The Mix about what cyberbullying is and how to deal with it.
Knowing what to trust online - BBC Bitesize talk you through fake news and filters.
Spotting misleading images - BBC Bitesize give some top tips on spotting misleading images online.
Think you know - The Internet, relationships and you. A website provided by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.


Youth Mental Health Animations - A YouTube playlist of useful animations from AboutKidsHealth. These videos are useful, practical ways to use mindfulness.
Audio Meditations - A YouTube playlist of simple, soothing mindfulness meditations from AboutKidsHealth.

Mental Health Resources

Calm Zone - Lots of activities and tools to help you feel better when you're feeling anxious, scared or sad.
Jargon Buster - Simple definitions of words you may hear when talking about mental health.
Anna Freud - Advice about mental health, what help you might receive and how to help others.
The Mix - Information and advice for 13–25 year olds on a wide range of subjects, including mental health. Support from trained staff members, counselling, live chats and discussion boards are available to engage with.
Childline - Information, advice and support for young people on a range of subjects.
Mind - Information for 11-18 year olds on understanding feelings and advice on how to get support.  
Mermaids - Support transgender, nonbinary and gender-diverse children and young people.
Young Minds - Information on young people’s mental health (including the impact of Coronavirus).
Safe Space Health - Information for young people about mental and physical health.
Healthy Surrey - Help and resources for children's mental health and wellbeing.
Surrey Youth Counselling Service - Free, confidential counselling for 12-24 year olds. Call 0345 600 2516 to self-refer.
Jigsaw - Supporting young people through the loss of a loved one.
Healthy Surrey - Healthy Surrey can help you lead a healthier life.
Stonewall - Information and support for the LGBTQ+ community.


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