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School Closure Procedure

Staff and Governors at Tomlinscote School believe that students have the best chance to make progress if they are able to attend school and benefit from lessons. This applies equally to individual attendance and whole school closure. As a result we will take every practical step to maintain school in the event of difficult weather conditions or possible failure of facilities such as heating systems. However there will be occasions when the Health and Safety of staff and students is at risk. In this case the school will reluctantly close for some, or all, students. The following is intended as guidance to families. We will endeavour to keep families fully involved of the ongoing situation but we ask for understanding at what will inevitably be a particularly busy time.


Where possible, students will be individually briefed and asked to communicate information to families. If there is time, a written summary will be provided.

Once a decision is made to close the school, this will be passed on to the following radio stations:

96.4 Eagle FM and BBC Radio Surrey

We will attempt to update the school web site and send a message via SIMS Intouch to registered parents. Our ability to do this will depend on the nature of the closure.

If it is safe to do so, we will update the school telephone system with current information. It is very unlikely that, in dealing with the cause of any closure, we will have enough staff to be able to deal with individual telephone calls.

School Closure during the day

Sending Students Home:

When a closure is being considered, the school will conduct a risk assessment to determine whether it is safer for the students to be sent home. If this is necessary, it will not be possible for the school to telephone families although students will be able to contact home if they need to.

Bearing in mind the age of our students, we will brief students as to the situation and offer them a choice:

To stay in school under staff supervision – assuming it is safe to do so – until they are collected. Students will leave as normal at 3.05pm (2.10pm for Yrs 7 & 8 on Fridays) if they are not collected
To go home, or to a relative or family friend, immediately

It would be very helpful if you would discuss this possibility with your daughter / son in advance and explain your preference to them. Should such a situation arise, we will assume that they are acting as you have instructed them.


It is difficult anticipating all eventualities that might lead to a school closure. As an example, experience has shown that the weather may make driving possible in Frimley and Camberley but the longer journeys undertaken by many staff may be impossible. Similarly students must avoid creating slippery paths (through sliding) or impact injuries (from the ice in ‘snowballs’).

Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

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