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SEND and Learning Support

Mrs G Gill, SENDCO, Head of Learning Support


The Learning Support Team are committed to supporting students to reach their full potential. We believe every student takes responsibility for their own learning and development, with guidance from teachers and support staff. We pride ourselves on our nurturing and encouraging approach. We help to make lessons accessible by providing the support that students need to become confident, independent learners. We build on their understanding in lessons; help them to make progress with their learning; encourage their development of self-esteem and support them to try overcome any barriers with learning.

Students with a SEND need may benefit from a range of support throughout School. This may be seen through Quality First Teaching and adapted lessons; Learning Support Assistants (LSA) in the classroom; targeted morning interventions; support with Home-Learning; Dyslexia Specialist intervention or taking part in withdrawal groups for Maths, English, Literacy or Humanities. We individually address each student's needs, offering bespoke support depending on the student's learning needs, to empower every student with the opportunity to succeed. 



Students who are part of the COIN centre are predominantly mainstream appropriate (on average 85% of time spent in mainstream) and have the majority of their timetables taught in mainstream lessons.

Students within the COIN Centre follow as close to a mainstream timetable as they are able. We create and personalise individual timetables to suit the students’ EHCP targets and outcomes, for each student to have the best opportunities to make progress. We support students where needed with LSAs who all have positive working relationships with the students and their subject teachers. Students within the COIN Centre have access to the Learning Support Department before, during and after school. Students can also use this space at break time and lunchtime.

Students may have interventions based in the Learning Support Department or another classroom, if necessary, which may be in the form of 1-1, 2-1 or in small group lessons. Students from the COIN Centre may have the opportunity to work in a small withdrawal group for English or Maths; this is attainment dependent. Some students may benefit from having additional literacy or numeracy lessons to support their learning. If needed, students may also go on to gain further numeracy and literacy support at KS4, and we will look at how to adapt their timetable to achieve this. Students will gain support from LSAs in the lessons where they benefit from additional and personalised guidance to make progress. Our intention is to encourage and increase a student’s independence in learning over time, and to withdraw the support where this is no longer needed.



School staff in the Specialist Centre work closely with Speech and Language Therapy to provide tailored and evidence-based support to a range of students. This may include working directly with the student, supporting the set-up of intervention groups and staff training. Students' progress is carefully monitored and reviewed to ensure they are maximising their learning and potential.

For more information, see our Speech and Language Q&A document.

You will find the relevant SEND Policies attached below which details information and guidance on the SEND Department, processes and procedures and the support students with SEND may receive.

If you have any queries or questions with regards to SEND that are not answered within these documents, please do not hesitate to contact the School to speak with Mrs Gill on: 01276 709050.

The Home Learning Club is open to all year groups, Monday to Thursday, 3.10-4.00pm, in C15.  Please note that students will need parental approval to leave before 4pm.


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