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Statement of Curriculum Intent

Students learning French, German or Spanish will acquire deep-rooted knowledge of their studied language and culture.

They will demonstrate considerable resilience and independence whilst developing their language skills in the four areas of writing, listening, speaking and reading. This knowledge will equip them with practical, applicable, relevant and invaluable language skills, which are much sort after by employers in the UK and beyond.

By developing an understanding of the culture studied, students will understand the importance of challenging stereotypes and prejudices.

This means:

  • Being able to understand and provide information and opinions about specific themes relating to the students’ own experiences and those of other people, including people in countries/communities where these languages are spoken.
  • Being able to understand and respond to different types of spoken language.
  • Communicating and interacting effectively in speech for a variety of purposes, with each other in group work and pair work.
  • Understanding and responding to different types of written language.
  • Communicating effectively in writing for a variety of purposes.
  • Having the opportunity to visit the country of the language studied, on the French, German or Spanish student exchange, in order to widen horizons and broaden mindsets.

KS3 builds on the language skills that students have acquired in primary school. The emphasis is on the four key skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking.

In Year 7 all students have the opportunity, during International week in June, to spend a week in either France or Germany.

In Year 9 (and again in Year 10) students are offered the chance to take part in an exchange visit to France , Germany or Spain (numbers permitting).

Key Stage 4

The schemes of work in KS4 are devised to develop skills acquired in KS3. The MFL department follows the AQA GCSE curriculum, which covers a wide range of topics with an increased emphasis on cultural aspects in life in French -, German- and Hispanic-speaking countries. So as well as learning the language, the students are exposed to cultural, historical and geographical themes. The 9 themes covered are: Me, my family and friends, Technology in everyday life, Free-time activities, Customs and festivals, Home, town and neighbourhood, Social issues, Global issues, Travel and tourism and Education and future employment.

We are very proud to be one of only five PASCH Schools in Great Britain. This partnership with the Goethe Institut means that German learners in all year groups benefit from additional opportunities funded by the Goethe Institut to enhance their German studies. Students have benefitted from football camps and summer camps in Germany, they have visited exhibitions and taken part in events promoting the value of learning German.

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