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The LRC has a new website where you can keep up to date on events, new releases, and exciting announcements! You can also view the 'Curious About the Curriculum' page to find extra subject information and topics suggested by your teachers.

The Learning Resource Centre is situated on the ground floor adjacent to the Beehive. It provides a pleasant working environment and offers a range of resources and facilities. It is managed by an LRC Manager and supported by an LRC Assistant.

Students are permitted to use the LRC for personal study and reading.

The LRC has approximately 12,000 books comprising of fiction, non-fiction, and specialist subjects. Year 11 students have their careers interviews in the dedicated careers office.

Students may borrow up to two books at a time, for a two-week period.

There is desk seating for 66 students, several informal seating areas, and dedicated reading areas with comfortable seating for up to 36.

Classes regularly come to the LRC with their teachers to use the various resources.

We also have a dedicated team of student librarians who assist with day-to-day activities in the LRC. 

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Contact Us

Tomlinscote Way, Frimley, Surrey, GU16 8PY

01276 70 90 50