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is this the same proposal as the 2007 planning application? 

No, the previous application was for a commercially operated 5-a-side centre. This proposal is for a full-sized pitch for educational and community use. It will be operated by the School.

how is the proposal different?

A single, full-sized 3G football pitch is proposed, not multiple 5-a-side pitches. The changing room building is smaller and there is no clubroom or bar. Our focus is on children and youth football with strong links to local community clubs and increasing school sports opportunities. 

Who is paying for the project?

The pitch development is being funded by The FA Football Foundation, The London Marathon Charitable Trust and The Prospect Trust.

Will the facility be open late in the evening? 

The facility will close at 10pm to minimise disturbance to local residents.

Will there be floodlights? 

Yes, there will be floodlights to allow the facility to operate at evening time during the winter. Modern sports floodlights are directional to avoid light spill and nuisance.

What about noise? 

Reduced opening hours will minimise noise disturbance in the evenings. The removal of a bar from the site options will also limit noise in the evenings as the facility is focussed on School and community sports use. A noise assessment report has advised that the predicted noise levels will be well below the lowest relevant noise criteria for both internal and external areas.

What about traffic? 

The existing site entry from Tomlinscote Way will be widened to allow two-way traffic. The existing informal parking area will be improved to provide 50 parking spaces with one-way direction to improve circulation and safety. Cycle parking will be included. It is not proposed to re-open Tomlinscote Way.

What about the local environment and ecology? 

A habitat survey, bat survey and tree survey have been completed to look at the impact of the proposals.


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