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Statement of Curriculum Intent


Performing Arts Dance route students will work in both a theoretical and practical way to understand the different styles and genres of dance.  Students will explore a variety of professional dance works and understand the creative process in which these are developed.  Through continued research, practical explorations and evaluation of skill and technique students will understand the requirements of a professional dancer, choreographer and designer. 


This means:

  • They will demonstrate the ability to analyse professional dance works to understand the creative process in which these were developed.
  • They will understand the roles and responsibilities within the professional dance world and how these influence the creation of professional work.
  • They will develop skill and technique in Contemporary dance and will perform professional repertoire.
  • They will evaluate proficiently their own skills and how these impact rehearsals and performance work in dance.
  • They will develop as both choreographers, dancers and designers in creating their own work.
  • The students will be able to present a personal and creative response that realises their intentions, making meaningful connections between visual research, opinions and observations.

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