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Drama demands practical, creative and communication skills. Students will learn to develop and appreciate the complexities of the art form and its function and place within society. Through participation in Drama students also develop a better understanding of leadership, communication and empathy.


Key Stage 3

In Drama, students will work practically with other students to explore a range of styles and genres of performance, including Mime, Greek Theatre and Physical theatre. Students develop performances from a range of stimuli including a wide variety of scripts including classics and modern. Through this exploration, students will develop their performance, directorial and analytical skills.  


Key Stage 4

Within the GCSE course, students will further develop their performing, directing and designing skills. Students will be introduced to a number of key theatre practitioners and will explore how their practice has influenced contemporary drama.  They will experiment with these ideas within their own original work. Students will create original drama based on a range of stimuli. They will also explore a number of plays taking into strong consideration the cultural, social and historical context of the texts, and the impact these may have on the audience.

Students have the opportunity to attend a number of theatre trips and workshops throughout the two years.


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