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Creative Digital Media

Statement of Curriculum Intent

Creative Media Production students will work in both a theoretical and practical way to understand the different aspects of media in a vocational style setting.  Students will explore how media products are created and have the opportunity to develop their own interest in moving image through research, observation and practical exploration.

This means:

  • They will be able to confidently analyse, evaluate and articulate their understanding of media sectors, franchises and products using media-based vocabulary based on written work and discussion
  • They will understand why moving images are created and how they show meaning to the audience through genre, codes, conventions, narrative, structure and representation.
  • They will become adept in filming, editing, and producing a variety of different moving images considering style and genre. 
  • They will analyse and evaluate their own working practices and how these interlink to the professional world of media.
  • They will learn to understand how ideas, opinion and experience generate starting points for media products, forming an integral part of the creative process.
  • The students will be able to present a personal and creative response that realises their intentions, making meaningful connections between visual research, opinions and observations.


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