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Careers Guidance Interviews

In their time at Tomlinscote, all students will have at least one Careers Guidance Interview. This usually takes place in either Year 10 or Year 11 as part of our Key Stage Four 'progression' strategy. However, any students in Years 7-11 can request a Careers Guidance Interview at any point and many of our students access this provision. 

As part of the Prospect Trust, we are fortunate to be supported by 'Prospects', the Careers Service, who provide high quality Careers Advisors to come and work with our students. We have a team of dedicated Careers Advisors at Tomlinscote, led by Lorraine Lewington. Lorraine, Ross and Chantel conduct Careers Guidance Interviews three days a week at Tomlinscote. 

In addition, we work closely with the Forces Employment Charity to support Service Premium students and their families with post-16 progression. All Service Premium students will have the option of additional careers guidance appointments with independent, qualified Careers Advisors who work with the charity. They will assist students in many ways, including supporting a relocation during a key transition moment of their education. 

Please see the information below for more detail on how the Careers Guidance Interviews work at Tomlinscote and what to expect.

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