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Statement of curriculum Intent

Art and Design students will be inspired by opportunities to make discoveries and adopt a ‘what if’ approach, using a broadening range of mediums and processes. Students are to solve problems through experimenting and developing ideas creatively in which to explore textures, materials and surfaces to help them create personal and meaningful artwork.

Students will develop an appreciation of Art within society and its impact on the wider world. To broaden students' curiosity of the world they live in. They will be equipped to communicate through creative individual and personal outcomes.

To appreciate the history of art, craft, design including periods, and styles up to the present day. They should develop a critical understanding of artists, architects and designers, expressing reasoned judgements that can inform their own work.

This means:

  • They will be able to confidently analyse, evaluate and articulate their understanding of artwork using an art-based vocabulary based on written work and discussion.
  • They will appreciate the historical, contemporary, and cultural diversity of the art community, and through this appreciation, learn to understand the deeper meanings, embedded within it.
  • They will record experiences and observations, in a variety of ways using drawing and other visual forms, such as photography.
  • They will explore potential lines of enquiry using appropriate media and techniques, and apply this knowledge and understanding to making, reviewing and modifying their work.
  • They will develop skills and techniques, whilst experimenting with a wide range of media, identifying their strengths.
  • The students will be able to present a personal and creative response that realises their intentions, making meaningful connections between their visual research, opinions and observations.

Students enjoy a broad mixed media approach where they get the opportunity to explore new and unconventional methods of art, craft and design. Students build on and improve their current skills by following a programme rich in history, culture, technology and business style projects incorporating all of the creative skills needed in the world of work and design.

Independent enquirers and thinkers is what we want students to become. Innovative digital teaching and learning approaches are an essential enhancement in the lessons to help prepare students for creative futures.

Please see our gallery to look at some of the artwork created at our school.

We have also recently set up a Tomlinscote Art Instagram page, to showcase students' artwork, which can be found here

key stage 3

Key Stage 3 is a foundation stage where students get to explore with 2D and 3D media, developing their knowledge of technique and skill. Research is encouraged to build confidence in the work of traditional and contemporary artists allowing students to form personal opinions through debate and sharing ideas.

Students learn the importance of presentation and the ability to refine and improve their sketchbooks to professional standards. Literacy is also an integral part of each project strengthening students' verbal and written language to include artistic terminology.

Example Key Stage 3 Projects include: Hundertwasser drawings, A3 Michael Craig Martin paintings, Mexican day of the dead clay tiles, Art and Music digital videos, Digital wrapping papers, and advertising.

key stage 4

At Key Stage 4, students develop a personal style. Students develop their strengths, discovered at Key Stage 3, forming a personal investigation to create a journey of learning. Students follow the AQA exam board assessment objectives. Students complete two coursework projects in year 10 and an exam project in year 11. Example Key Stage 4 projects include: The Sea, Surrealism, Architecture, nature and people.

Students have the opportunity at Key Stage 4 to go on city trips to museums and galleries throughout the year.

Curious About the Curriculum?

Discover something new here.

Virtual Art GallEry

The Art Department have made a virtual art gallery to celebrate the Year 11s artwork in and around lockdown based on the theme of natural forms.

Students have explored a wide range of media and interesting starting points to reflect their investigations in to different natural forms. Students had to research the work of other artists producing a range of written analysis and visual experimentation.

Please click on the link on the left-hand menu to move around the gallery.  By clicking on the artwork you can see the names of the students' work.

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