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Apple IDs & Family Sharing

An Apple ID is an account which allows the user to sign into the App Store or iTunes, in order to download apps or make purchases.

Many students and parents already have personal Apple IDs before they join the school iPad scheme, especially if they already own an iPad or iPhone, but it is not mandatory to have this set up for school.

From 2017, the school will provide each student with a unique Apple ID that is created before the scheme starts - these are called Managed Apple IDs, and they are created for every student, whether they have joined the Buy Outright / Lease scheme or have a BYOI.  Managed Apple IDs are used for specific purposes such as taking backups of student iPad - they cannot be used to download apps from the App Store.

To install school apps and configure settings such as email accounts, the school uses a Mobile Device Management system (MDM).  The MDM is used to send apps and settings to all student iPad.

This means that students do not need personal Apple IDs to download school apps, and they are not expected to do this during the school day.

For use at home, the students are able to sign in to the App Store using a personal Apple ID in order to download other apps and games.  This should be done with the consent of their parent, and these apps should not be used at school.

For students in Year 7, the school recommends parents set up their own Apple ID, and then create a Family account and associate one or more Child Apple IDs.  Click on the links below for more details on how to do this.


Family Sharing

Family sharing is a way to organise and create Apple IDs in order for a family to manage app purchasing as well as share items like photos, location, or calendar events.

A parent or guardian uses their own personal Apple ID to set up Family Sharing and then becomes the Organiser.

As the Organiser, they can then invite family member's using their Apple IDs.  This means that children's Apple IDs do not need payment information.  Parents can authorise and pay for apps if requested.

They can also create Apple IDs for children under 13 years of age (therefore if a Year 7 student wishes to purchase/download apps outside school, the school recommends that parents set up Family Sharing).


Personal Apple IDs

Alternatively, it is possible to create a personal Apple ID without entering any payment method.  This would allow a student to download free apps without the need for parental consent.


Useful Links:

How to set up family sharing

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