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About Us

Tomlinscote is an 11 to 18 co-educational school which was opened in 1970 as Surrey's first purpose-built comprehensive. It has 1508 students including 190 in Years 12/13, 100 teaching staff and 35 support staff. Students enter Tomlinscote at the age of 11 years from local Junior, Primary and Independent Preparatory schools. Over subscription is a common feature, resulting in waiting lists for entry.
Tomlinscote Language College
On 1st September 1996 Tomlinscote was formally awarded the status of a Language College. To attain Language College Status the school had to put together a detailed submission including the aims and targets over a three year period. These targets were assessed against strict criteria by the DfES each year. The Language College submission related to aspects of the whole school curriculum as well as specific objectives in Modern Foreign Languages. A successful first three years led to our re-designation for a further three years in 1999 and the school was one of the first Language Colleges to be designated for a further four years in September 2002. Language College status means a considerable enhancement of resources, including accommodation, hardware, software and staffing, along with attendant responsibilities from the school to achieve the stated objectives. As a Language College we are responsible for a wide range of Community Language courses in addition to our work with local schools. Interested parents are welcome to view the submissions.


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Tomlinscote Way, Frimley, Surrey, GU16 8PY

01276 70 90 50