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An understanding of science requires students to formulate testable hypotheses that can be accepted or rejected through objective and reproducible empirical research. Practical work provides students with a platform to explore and comprehend scientific knowledge. As students journey through the school the ideas being learnt will become progressively more complex and abstract. Although much of science can be classed as ‘blue sky thinking’, students are shown the value of science in developing new technology which enhances our civilisation and cultural development.


Key Stage 3

All students develop an understanding of safe and valid practical work as they move through the Lower School. Although the three disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics are taught separately, students are actively encouraged to make links between ideas and topics and explore the similarities and differences that occur, such as the role of particle theory in explaining pressure in a gas, collisions between molecules in reactions, and the diffusion of simple gases across a membrane.


Key Stage 4

Many of the topics studied in the Lower School are revisited in significantly more depth in the Upper School. In addition, more complex scientific ideas and theories are learnt and applied to novel situations. Students become increasingly aware of the power of mathematics as a tool for exploring and validating scientific understanding. All students follow the science specifications which are written by Edexcel. Students’ learning is supported by a range of digital resources both in the classroom and beyond such as in the use of data-logging, modelling applications and with a digital textbook.


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