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Insurance and Repairs

iPad's which have been purchased from the school via lease or one-off-payment, come with a warranty, and insurance cover for the full length of the scheme. The warranty ensures that if any defects or faults develop, the iPad can be returned to Apple for repair or replacement.

The insurance covers accidental damage. For instance, if an iPad is dropped in school or at home, and the screen is cracked as a result, the iPad can be returned and repaired. When accidents occur, students must report to the IT office, and staff will guide them through the process of making a claim.


There are some details of the insurance that the scheme provides that students and parents should be aware of:

  • Insurance claims must contain as much detail as possible, such as time of day, location, cause of damage - claim forms can be collected from and returned to the IT Support office. For information, there is a claim form at the end of this document
  • Insurance claims must be submitted within two weeks of the damage occurring
  • The insurance policy does not cover vandalism
  • The cases supplied under the scheme are an important part of the insurance cover. The insurers often require confirmation that damaged iPad's were in a suitable case at the time of the incident. For this reason, all students are expected to have a sturdy iPad case, which itself is in good condition. Students with damaged cases must seek advice from the IT Support team as soon as possible.
  • Devices must be factory reset before sending for repair, please ensure backups are taken!


Chargers and cables
Under the scheme, each student will be supplied with a charger and cable for their iPad. Students are expected to take these home and keep them in a safe place, and should not bring them to school.

The charger and cable are part of the lease, and as such they should be returned with the iPad at the end of the scheme.

The chargers and cables supplied are covered under a standard 30 day warranty, but they are not covered for damage or theft by the insurance. Should a new charger/cable be necessary, the school recommends buying only original Apple-branded replacements. The school keeps a small stock of these that parents can buy at short notice if required.

In all cases, students must be encouraged to report any damage to their device as soon as possible – the most common cause of insurance claims failing is a delay when reporting the issue.

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