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Tomlinscote School is committed to enhancing teaching & learning by using iPads in the classroom and at home. We strongly believe in the importance of the iPad to add value and enrich day to day learning.

The 1:1 device scheme has been established at Tomlinscote for many years, and now aims to provide an iPad for each and every student at the school.

The iPad was chosen as the preferred device for a number of reasons, such as performance and security. The primary strength of any Apple device, however, is the amount and quality of apps available in the App Store. This is the key benefit of using iPads in education, as it allows teachers to explore new methods and ideas, whilst providing the same experience on both staff and student devices.

Our iPad scheme aims to:

Enable our students to be more prepared for the 21st Century digital age
Encourage learning to occur ‘anyplace, anytime’
Encourage our students to become independent learners who take more responsibility for their own learning
Provide the best possible environment and to create the most effective opportunities for good quality learning to take place. It is another feature of the teacher & student tool kit to ensure the best possible learning can be achieved
Encourage our students to be even more motivated and to enjoy their learning
Raise standards of academic achievement

There are three methods by which a student can use an iPad at Tomlinscote.

A lease scheme

Outright purchase
Bring Your Own iPad (BYOI)

The details of these models can be found using the links below, but it important to note that whichever method is chosen by parents, the experience for all students is the same. There is no educational advantage to the lease scheme, outright purchase or Bring-Your-Own - all students have access to the same apps and services.

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